No look is complete without…


 …The infamous Flicky Eyes! One simple flick of the liquid eyeliner in my opinion can change your entire look (and all you need is some liquid eyeliner and a steady hand)! It takes away the innocence of your eyes which in turn adds a mysterious yet seductive glare to your look! It really can add a new edge to your outfit.

 Initially flicky eyes were made famous by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Brigit Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. The 1960’s saw in flicky eyes left right and centre. The bigger the flick, the better the photograph!

Tip: For a casual day look I would suggest creating this effect over some pale brown/beige eye shadow as it adds to the dark and mysterious image without being too overwhelming for a daytime look. I would also suggest starting the gradual line 2/3rds of the way across your eye lid so that it creates a slanted look which makes your eyes appear wider! I’ve been using the ‘Exaggerate’ eyeliner from Rimmel and it does a great job for £5.25!




Trends spring/summer ’14

The new year always bring in new trends! Here are a few of my personal favourites guaranteed to send fashionistas into overdrive over the next coming months.











Clashing denim


Bomber jackets


Wide leg trousers 


Skirts over pants


New years resolution?

We are officially living in a self obsessed nation. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter allow us to create a brand spanking new image. They allow us to become someone, in reality, we may not be. They are distorting us to believe the way we look and the places we go will get us to the top of our game. You are solely in charge of what you post and most networking sites also equip us with the infamous ‘de-tagging’ system if a photo is posted of us by someone else that our egos may not solely agree with. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with social networking, I moved from London to Manchester over 3 years ago now and I use it to stay in contact and keep up to date with what is going on back home. But I’ve also used it in theory like millions of others to create a fairly new identity, I’ve fallen victim to those famous ‘selfies’ and posing in places that people regard as being ‘cool’ …am I just bored or am I an egotist? I wouldn’t necessarily plead guilty to either of those possibilities. In my case I believe it is maybe a certain unwillingness to accept I am no longer that free-spirited 18 year old who had the world at her feet, but a mother and professional nappy changer to my dear son Alfie…So maybe by posting these ‘selfies’ I am trying to re-gain that cute, carefree image to my friends and potentially to a partner who now probably just sees me as a mother figure rather than a sex symbol? The sad reality is that if I posted pictures of myself getting up at 6am with a face of thunder to change my sons dirty nappy or to re-fill his milk bottle, which is MY reality,  I don’t believe people would want to give me the time of day. People are not influenced by those daily humdrum things like they would be if I was to post a picture of myself looking great outside Vogue House..please note: outside. In reality that would probably take up about 5 seconds of my day, the rest would be running around after my son as he tries to wreak havoc through the streets, but you don’t see that side. Therefore I’m creating a new image, I’m giving my shy amount of instagram followers what they want to see, because we, as a society, like to conform, slowly loosing our own identity in the process. We are naturally adjusting our lives so that other individuals only see the exciting things. You may not like to admit it but my story is very similar to many others. We are forgetting to use social media for the right things and not taking into consideration that it is our incredible brains, the art of conversation and motivation that gets us to where we want in life. So this new year I’m not giving up drinking( why the hell should I?) I’m not giving up bread (I couldn’t give a monkies about carb face) It’s not even going to be ‘have more consideration for others’ (we should all do that anyway) My resolution is to accept my life for what it is and stop running away from who I really am just because I have the perfect excuse, facebook.

alf het

Fashion influenced by iconic art

I thought I would show you just how much the art world influences todays world of fashion. In fact it is not just todays world of fashion, It has been inspiring fashion designers and has been the inspiration behind huge trends for hundreds of years. A great example of this would be ‘Pop art’ The strong use of colour and geometric patterns create brilliant clothing designs. Pop art had its biggest influence over fashion during the 60s, with the psychedelic art movement and artists such as Andy Warhol, items such as the large rimmed sunglasses and the platform shoes were invented, later to be made famous again by the spice girls. It is not just pop art that has inspired designers, artists from the 1800’s have also influenced some of the most amazing clothing to date.

Piet Mondrains work was the great inspiration behind the iconic Yves Saint Laurent grid like abstract pattern dresses. The dutch Avant-Garde artist reduced his colour palette to a mere five colours; black, white, blue, yellow and red. Yves saint Lauren would transfer his designs into dresses. The asymmetry and simplicity of the forceful lines eased perfectly into the modern designs of the 60s.


tumblr_lubd4i4dv51r67gu5o1_500piet_mondrian Vincent Van Gough, a post-impressionist painter of the 1890’s, was the obvious influence behind designer Rodartes Spring 2012 collection. The deep blue colours, mesmerising and encapsulating swirls, sunflowers and night sky effects on the dresses all allude some of his most famous work.


Wassily Kandinskys works is often a whirlwind of eccentric and exciting colours which have inspired numerous fashion designers over the years. Here is a great example of just how influential his work is..



Henri matisse,  A french artist who lived between the years of 1869 and 1954 has inspired british fashion designer Sir Paul Smith greatly since the start of his career. Henri Matisse is famous for his patterns and incredible use of colour. He would throw colours together that many people would think twice about but Paul Smith picked up on this and started to apply the same effect to his garments. Paul Smith has stated that when he initially started out as a designer, men and woman were wearing very classical colours, but Henri Matisse gave him to colour confidence to think outside the lines. The iconic picture below is Henri Matisses famous ‘snail’ painting. He created this from his death bed, he was so ill he could no longer lift a paintbrush so cut out shapes instead to make this incredibly famous picture. This is just one example of the beautiful colour he would use.

The Snail 1953 by Henri Matisse 1869-1954




Super quick body shape tips

I find naturally defining your own personal style can be tricky for certain individuals but the first step you need to cover is finding what body shape category you come under. Once you have your body shape in mind you will be able to find out what clothes can enhance your best features, what items can make you appear slimmer and how to even yourself out if you are naturally heavier in certain areas. Hare my 5 most common body shapes and some helpful dressing tips to help along the way!


You’re top heavy so use bold clothes to emphasise your bottom half

  • Full/puffball skirts
  • V-necks
  • Wrap tops
  • Brightly coloured trousers!
  • Wide leg trousers
  • Minimiser bra


You carry most weight around midriff so a good tip would to use jewellery to emphasise on your neckline

  • Long tops
  • Low neckline
  • Verticle stripes
  • Shoulders with volume


You’re bottom heavy so use bold statement clothing around your shoulders, chest and face

  • Shoulder pads
  • Sleeves with volume
  • Short tops and coats
  • Bulky necklaces
  • Big collars
  • V-necks


You’ve got a fuller bust and bottom half and a small waist. Show off your small waist as much as possible!

  • High waist skirts/shorts/jeans
  • Belted waist
  • Maxi skirts/dresses
  • Wide leg jeans
  • Wrap around dresses


You’re straight up and down so emphasise on bust and waist!

  • Layering items of clothing
  • Maxi skirts/dresses
  • Playsuits
  • Waist belts
  • Peplum skirts

If you would like any more advice or tips on this subject, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

New Year, New Wardrobe?

Every once in a while we all need a good old wardrobe cleanse! The british population only wear 20% of their closets, can you believe it? I certainly can as I’ve fallen victim to this in the past! It was only when I felt the sheer satisfaction of getting rid of all those items that I no longer needed, the items that would stare back at me hopelessly every time I opened my wardrobe. I felt like I was saying goodbye to the old me! I felt as though my wardrobe had been totally revitalised. It was so much easier to decide what to wear in the morning as I knew that everything I had left looked great! We, the British public tend to be absolutely brilliant at clothes hoarding and sometimes we find it very hard to throw things away, maybe due to the memories these particular items bring or maybe because we are crippled by the thought of throwing something away only to discover it would go fabulously with that new pair of jeans you have just purchased! Let me reassure you – these are all totally natural thoughts! ..but it really is time to release them and get sorting! You will feel so refreshed once it’s over. You will also feel way more equipped and ready to take on the fashion world of 2014! It really is the first step to a new you. Once you’ve binned those old Diadora hoodies you can treat yourself (guilt free) to a new trendy work blazer or that amazing wax jacket you’ve been looking at day after day in the new Kooples catalogue! Mmmm…

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Do it with someone else present (presumably a close friend or relative so they won’t go easy on you if you are insistent of holding onto that hideous ‘fruit of the loom’ hoodie your uncle brought you as a half hearted happy 16th birthday present!)
  • Try it on in front of a length wise mirror (NOT one of those awfully cheap deceitful ones !) and think; Is this a flattering fit? Does it give me any confidence? When can I next wear this? When did I last wear this -Was it over a year ago? If so, without a second thought, say goodbye. (If you still can’t make up your mind plan to wear it all day tomorrow and see how you feel at the end of the day. I do not suggest this for all your clothes though as you wouldn’t get anything done!)
  • Put everything into different categories; Casual day, work clothes, important meeting, smart special occasions, hitting the town, holiday & lounging around
  • If you feel you are desperately trying to think of ways to keep it- then it is 100% time to kiss it goodbye. MWAH.