Timeless VS statement

In a fashion industry so ever-evolving is it best to dress ‘Timeless classic’ or make a statement? Which category do you believe you fall under?

In brief, if you believe your style promotes a timeless classic feel, you are technically wearing items that have survived the test of time! Many people believe by dressing ‘classical’ you are steering clear of adventure and waiting patiently in the comfortable lounge. Ultra trend following fashionistas tend to think of; neutral toned shirts and some black trousers or a pencil skirt and simple fitted black blazer …The jist is right, but ‘the boring’ part is WRONG! When I think of classic I think of some fitted denim jeans, a breton striped tee, burberry coat and a fendi bag to top it off or a timeles A-line skirt and cute patterned shirt for those summer garden parties! It really is what you make of it, not only that, but it is also incredibly cost efficient in this day and age because unfortunately, like many others, you might be counting the rainy day pennies too! I know I certainly am.



To the ultimate fashionista; You read every fashion mag word for word, then rush down to your nearest store and mix and match on some of the latest quirky fashions. Hmm, well not exactly but the basics are there. You believe fashion should totally reflect your personality, it should speak the ‘about me’ section on your CV for you, without using any words. You make the most of living in a liberal, free world where we can do and wear what we please. Your living outside the ‘safe(classic) box and running with the lions (slightly over exaggerated, maybe, but what can I say? I’m passionate.) You like to follow the latest trends but you always add your own twist.



So, are you a Iggy Azalea of the modern world? Or a classical Kate Moss? Personally, I think Coco Chanel sums it up perfectly:

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
― Coco Chanel

Surely that means theres no harm in taking inspiration from both, right? I agree.


One Reply to “Timeless VS statement”

  1. I totally agree with you !!! And yeah, I hear what you’re saying, I’m definitelly the classical timless comfort zone style. I do have clothes that have passed the test of time. Some pieces even belonged to my mom, from when she was my age. 😊😊😊


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