The French do it so well…

laceThere is something so undestatedly chic about Paris. I have braced the city many times and have a reoccurring love for everything Paris when I arrive. Just like the language there is a raw elegance to the city and the city’s people.The fashion plays a huge part in this and the men and women always look effortlessly graceful. I’ve put together a few personal tips to follow in order to adopt the Parisian look.


1.) Flats, riding boots, thin sandals and pumps are all appropriate Parisian shoes. 

Avoid trainers, flip-flops, or heavy boots 


2.) Trench coats

  • Image

3.) Minimal jewellery 

One pendent necklace will add simple chic elegance


4.) The fresh faced look.

All you need is powder foundation, red lips and mascara to create the perfect Parisian combination


5.) Skinny jeans.

No rips or tears


6.) The little black dress. 

Nothing too short or low cut, remember your in the city of chic.


7.) Blousers/shirts.

Go for the neutral shades!


8.) Knee length pencil skirts and A-line skirts.

Choose dark colours in winter and pastel floral prints in summer


9.) Stripes.

I don’t just mean the classic french breton stripes, any stripes!


10.) Leather Jackets.

The ultimate ‘paris cool’



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