15 style tips EVERYONE should know…


1.) Hide bra straps at all times! Bra straps really are an outfit ruiner. Strapless dresses/tops lose their elegance when bra straps are on show. Please note  see-through plastic bra straps are incredibly tacky and 90’s. Use strapless bras or breast tape for backless dresses.

2.) Invest in shape wear! Its not just for the slightly out of shape or older generation. Everyone should wear shape wear. It enhances your curves (even if you don’t have any!) Try and aim for black shape wear if you are going on a date, we’ve all seen Bridgit Jones…

3.) If you like to over accessorize, wear a minimalist outfit! Too many colours or layers of clothing with lots of jewellery will look too fussy.

4.) Choose between big earrings or a statement necklace, don’t wear both! Necklaces look great with small studs or lobe clenching mini hoops.

5.) If you are going to wear brightly coloured trousers or an eye-catchingly bright top, it would be an idea to make sure the rest of your outfit is a complimentary neutral shade.

6.) Find out which colours suit you best and DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT! Colour is so important and can enhance everything from your hair to your facial glow.

7.) Dress for the season. My pet hate is a seasonal clothing clash. For example; do not wear  a yellow floral dress in the winter and try to avoid wintery fur collars in the summer. I know this tip is a bit of a no-brainer!

8.) Consider your shape before you wear horizontal stripes as they will sometimes make you appear larger than you are. If you do carry a bigger frame, try vertical stripes!

9.) A black blazer will save the majority of your outfits and can transform even the dullest. Invest in one!

10.) Experiment with waist belts! They can be incredibly flattering.

11.) Play off heavier fabrics against featherweight fabrics for a cute spring time get together!

12.) If you are wearing a baggy top or jumper – go skinny on the bottom. Visa Versa…

13.) If you wear black tights a lot, go for some slightly more expensive ones (think Marks & Spencers or Topshop) They don’t leave horrible fraying marks or bobbles after they’ve been washed. There is not a lot more I hate than tatty tights. They can ruin the prettiest of frocks.

14.) Always have a large rimmed pair of sunglasses at the ready! (…for those hungover mornings)

15.) Choose between exposing your legs OR your cleavage. Never both!


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